Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy New Year.

Well, a very brief conclusion about own 2013. Was an amazing year, at least for me. Went through few country and found my dream, interest and myself. Realize that life is tough, but you still have to overcome it and make it bittersweet! Just live it without bothering so much.

Passerby, thank you for your appearance to make a better me. 
Friends, you guys are always my Very Important People.
Family, thank you for given me a blessed environment to grown up. I was much more luckier than a lot of people out there.
Lover, thank you for your patient. 

2014 resolution
Become a better me!
Help as much as people i can!
Be grateful on everything!
Become a "Yes" girl!

Take a deep breath and enjoy 2014~~

Thank you.

From Christy Yee 

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